CrossFit Total

“CrossFit Total”

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments. Let’s destroy some PRs.

4 thoughts on “CrossFit Total”

  1. BS= 150 kg = 330.7# PR by 0.7#, i’ll take it!
    SP= 62.5 kg = 137.8# Weak showing on my part. PR is 145 from almost a year ago.
    DL= 195kg = 429.9

    CFT= 407.5 kg = 898.4 PR by 3.4#, but i hoped for better. 900 here I come!

    Its time to feed the machine more. While i’ve gotten some comments about looking bigger, the reality is that i’ve lost a couple of pounds due to reffing soccer 4-5 days a week.

  2. Damn tight shirts! I really thought I was getting bigger… I’m ready to double up exercises on the strength days…what do you think Bill?

  3. Depends on the day Matt. Deadlifts and Presses? No problem. Deadlifts and Squats, probally not. Like we talked about a few times, It might make sense for you to do some strength specific work for awhile, or at least something like CFSB.

    It doesn’t have to be for a long time either, maybe 4-6 weeks.

    Your metcon stuff will not suffer that much in that short period of time. Let’s put something together.

  4. I agree that I would benefit from that. It’s just tough to miss out on the class WODs. As long as you don’t mind me performing something different at your gym, i’m down to give it a shot for a month or two. While my 3-5 rep maxes have been improving on all my lifts, my max lifts are going up really slow. Some well thought out programming might be in order… We’ll discuss tonight. It’s gotta be CFSB or Crossfit Football. CFSB would take a little more planning for sure.

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