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CrossFit Total Results

1. Jenny- Total- 271kg/596.2lbs Wilks Score- 310.3
2. Mike M: Total- 430kg/937.9lbs Wilks Score- 289.7
3. Kenny: Total- 420kg/925.9lbs Wilks Score- 283.03
4. Jim: Total- 445kg/981lbs Wilks Score- 280.2
5. Erik: Total- 467.6kg/1030.6lbs Wilks Score- 280.03
6. Mark: Total- 375kg/826.7lbs Wilks Score- 267.4
7. Mike C: Total- 350kg/771.6lbs Wilks Score- 261.4
8. Tim: Total- 465kg/1023lbs Wilks Score- 260.9
9. Erin: Total- 285kg/628.3lbs Wilks Score- 252.9
10. Nikki: Total- 217.5kg/478.5lbs Wilks Score- 242.7
11. Jean: Total- 220kg/485lbs Wilks Score- 241.2
12. Lesha: Total- 202.5kg/445.5lbs Wilks Score- 240.6
12. Rob: Total- 330kg/727.5lbs Wilks Score- 240.6
13. Bill J: Total- 330kg/727.5lbs Wilks Score- 212.5
14. Catlyn: Total- 212.5kg/467.5lbs Wilks Score- 204.6
15. Janice: Total- 195kg/429.9lbs Wilks Score- 177.4

Wow, what a great competition and day. A big congrats to Jenny for the win. Awesome to watch. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the event a success. It’s always a good time when a bunch of CrossFitters get together. Lot’s of PRs yesterday, and that is always the goal of the Total.

Thanks to everyone who helped out yesterday. A special thanks to Jimmy, Mike and Bill for helping judge and to Tim and Erik for helping load the bars.

As usual, I can’t do much without my better half. Thank you Joyce for taking care of the scoring and for helping me stay organized despite my best efforts to the contrary.

My hope is that we can continue to foster the growing local CrossFit commmunity. It’s been a blast so far.

Now for the pics:

Tim and Bill

Jenny on the way to the win.
Jenny on the way to the win.



Tim getting Weird.
Tim getting Weird.

Joyce and Kate


2 thoughts on “CrossFit Total Results”

  1. Thanks again Bill for hosting a fun and well organized event. I really enjoyed the day. As you said, it is always a good time getting together with other CF ethusiasts.

  2. hey i had a blast at the event. im glad the crossfits around here are starting to get together and organizing fun little comps like this.

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