Friday 07/03/09

Friday 07/03/09

2 Hands anyhow- 1,1,1,1

(Pick any implements, but must be 2 different ones. Options include but are not limited to: DBs, KBs, Barbells, Children, Small automobiles)

For time:

21, 15, 9 reps

24″ Boxjump

3 thoughts on “Friday 07/03/09”

  1. Jenn - Crossfit Delaware Valley

    Thanks Bill for letting me stop by your box…I really learned a lot and appreciate it!! It was great to get a different type of workout and ass beating 😉

    2 Hands 1-1-1-1
    45lb bar (snatch) and 12k KB (clean and press) 1, 1F, 1F (that 2nd implement is a bitch)
    16K KB (clean & press) 35# DB (clean and press 1, 1

    K2E & 20in Box Jumps – 10ish (modified K2E at end)

    Jumping Pull up skill work
    Nice tore up hands!! Matt and Bill…you are awesome…thanks again 🙂 Jenn

  2. I tried a bunch on the overhead, any how, any object, but only got 2 reps out besides some warm-ups i’m not going to mention.
    BB 67#, 1.5 pood KB other arm. Then I switched arms.

    Met-Con in 3:46

  3. Great Job today everyone.


    It was nice to have you. If you want to get your CFT on, come on in on Sunday. I am here at 12 but Matt is running the 10am class for me.

    IMO, you have a pullup within the next month and as soon you get one you are going string a bunch of them together.


    It’s an awkward lift for sure, there is actually another method for doing it, that take more skill but is supposed to be more effecient. Arthur Saxon was the king of this lift.

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