Grand Opening Celebration…

Man we had a good time…

Lots of fun.  Thanks to everyone for coming by.

The highlight of the day had to be the competition. The competion was max reps of: Clean and Press the 32kg Kettlebell without putting it down.  Everyone who tried gave very good efforts.  Kyle hit 12 reps and Matt D stuck with it after a few failed attempt to finally get it overhead. Tim was the winner with a very impressive 36 reps, getting him 36 free days here.

Here’s some video of the event and some pictures:

Matt and Kyle:

Winner winner chicken dinner Tim and Matt getting it too:

And finally Matt and I gave it a go:

Some Pics from the day:

grand opening             poppin' bottles

grand opening

wussifying pullup barscheers





1CFWC's own Jenny



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