Have you signed up for FGB IV yet?

FGBIV is next Saturday.  I know some of you are planning on going.  It would be great to have a good sized group of us go up and represent next weekend.  If you’re planning on coming, go ahead and sign up.

You can put your fundraising page on your Facebook page to get some donations on your behalf as well.  If you can’t make it you can still donate under your own name, or find one of our members and donate under them.  Here’s mine for example: https://www.rapidreghost.com/fgb/php/frpage.php?frID=28628

You can set up your own easily by going to the link on the right side of the page here “Fight Gone Bad IV”.

Here is the CF Prime’s team fundraising page again for those who  have not see it yet: https://www.rapidreghost.com/fgb/donate.html

The 2 causes this will benefit are very worthy.  Check out the FGBIV site if you haven’t yet to  learn more: http://www.fgb4.org/.

Thanks guys.

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