Snatch- 1,1,1



Snatch 135lbs- 30 reps for time

3 thoughts on “Isabel”

  1. It’s a busy day for me! I might try and do this one at home.

    Yesterday, my Birthday, I had a day full of PR’s
    305 x3 squat, PR by 5
    push Press x3 at 185, Pr by 5
    Push Jerk x5 at 185, Pr by 15!

    See you all soon.

  2. Ran out of time for the singles.

    Rx’d for the first time!

    Could have use the intensity of the gym, not to mention the rubber flooring. I have a bruised ass from falling on the concrete multiple times.

  3. Solid stuff Matt. It’s good to be into the 3’s on the squat, very good. As the squat goes so will the rest of your strength.

    I actually gave Isabel a go for the first time myself today.

    You ready for FGB?

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