Monday Night 6p.m.

Bundle UP….It’s Gonna get COLD

Carry a 20kg Plate 1 Mile For Time.

This will be hard but it will be a test of mind most of all.


P.s.  Bring and Ipod if you want music.

3 thoughts on “Monday Night 6p.m.”

  1. If you are in the comments section and are about to post a complaint of cold weather, poor conditions, etc…SAVE IT. This is Crossfit Renissance..


  2. Home boy, you are a sicko. (You all know Tim programs Mondays right? Gotta get him a login…doh.) It’s one of the coldest days of the year, most people training are very comfortable on a treadmill somewhere. We are trekking outside. Sometimes we may lose site that the type of training we do here is actually supposed to prepare you for life and I can’t think of a more appropriate represntation of it then tonight’s workout.

    Enjoy everyone.

  3. technically we can complain all we want Bill the door says leave the complaints outside, since the workout is outside,well, you get it

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