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Paleo Challenge. 30 days over.

So how did it go? Did you make it through the month with 100% adherence? Better performance? Increased energy? Do you plan to stick with Paleo?

Post your experiences in the comments.

1 thought on “Paleo Challenge. 30 days over.”

  1. I enjoyed the paleo diet more than I thought I would. I did fall off the wagon a few times but other than that I was good. I was not skeptical of the science behind it but more of the commitment that was needed to make it successful. Nonetheless, I believed Bill like I always do and trusted his knowledge. I, without a doubt felt a difference in my energy and performance. I felt better during workouts and had new found energy to push through some of the most grueling tests that Bill put us through in January. My strength continued to increase which I thought would decrease because I was taking calories out by not eating grains. Boy was I wrong! The paleo diet kept me full and kept my strength increasing, took bodyfat off and I still kept me very close to my weight. I started this diet around 210lbs and finished it around 206-207lbs which I was very happy with. This diet is a must try for every crossfitter looking to take their body and workouts to the next level! I will continue this diet for the rest of my life! Thanks Bill!

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