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3 rounds, for time, of:

400 meter Front Rack Walk 2/1.5 pood

5 Rope Climbs

50 Push-ups


Ah, just a little history on this one, before we get into why we’re doing it and its’ intended benefits.

We programmed this one a few years back and it did not have a name at all and I did not intend to give it one. Well, as soon as I finished I turned to the coach of that class and said “that’s the one” and it got its’ name. It’s that “good”, people!

On to the method behind the madness. This is full body workout if there ever was one! And also a truly “functional fitness” (this means movements found in life or sport, for our purposes here) workout.

You should choose weights that are moderately heavy for the rack walk, but not so much that you have to put them down every 30s. The rack walk is about as functional as it gets (carry this heavy thing over there…) increase your functional fitness. Next a fairly high skill level movement for some, but we really are looking for a solid pulling movement that is taxing with an output that is sustainable at a moderate (i.e. you shouldn’t need 1 minute between reps, more like 20-40 seconds or less). Finally a classic push, the push-up, let’s focus on being able to move through the third movement at a good clip, this movement should be this highest cycle time of all 3.

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