Strict Pull-ups and CFR Chest Day


100 Strict Pull-ups, in as few sets as possible



For time:

50 In-out push-ups to 45# plates

Run 400 meters

50 Decline Push-ups 20″ box

Run 400 meters

50 Push-ups

Run 400 meters


Today we are going pull/push. Starting the day off with a bodyweight pull, whether that’s a strict pullup or ring row, we’re looking for the same thing. A pure strength movement that is kept “strict”. You should pick a movement that allows you to get around 10 reps on each effort to get the benefit of this portion of the WOD.

Next is “CFR Chest Day” We’re going to pick 3 movements that start at high level of difficulty and as the WOD goes on, the level goes down. We will be peppering in runs after each round to have you working under less than ideal (elevated heart rate) conditions on the push-ups each round.

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