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Super Swole Sunday Recap.

So Me, Reese and Matt Smith hit up Super Swole Sunday at ironsport yestersday.  It was another great ironsport event.  I hope that more of you guys can make it out next time even you don’t compete.  There are always monstrous displays of strength from the behemoths at ironsport and we crossfitters tag along for the ride. 2 notable lifts were a 895lb 18″ deadlift and a 160kg ground to overhead.

Reese Managed to nail down a nice 115kg ground to overhead for a PR, and got a real nice intro to what a competition feels like.  The most important aspect that gets overlooked in these types of competition is the waiting around.  We had 4 events total and we were there from about 10am-2pm.  You have to figure out how to get up 4 seperate times.  The only way to get used to this is to go through it.  Way to represent on your first outing Reese.

Matt had a solid showing as usual.  I know you were dissapointed with your performance, but it’s good to know you can still hold your own even on an off day. 

Let’s just say I had a good time with the day.  I didn’t hit any of my goals on the lifts.  Actually kind of far off of them.  It’s good not to be satisfied though I guess. 

A big congrats goes out to Jenny “The Ringer” Butler, from CrossFit West Chester, for nabbing another victory.  She won the overall, even edging out all of the men!  Rock on Jenny.

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