The Week in Review…

Time for some highlights from the week:

Both Tim and Big Papa Duff AKA The reincarnation of Thomas Paine are well into the open classes now and making progress already.   Tim dominated the challenge w/o on Saturday to win 36 free days of training. Stay at it.  You are at one of the most rewarding phases of your training right now.  Keep showing up and training hard and expect phenomenal results.

We hit up one of the few remaining benchmark WODs we haven’t done yet, Karen.  This one is deceptively tough.  Bill C and Mark both did this one as Rxed, not an easy task.

Kyle, Rxed workouts are on their way.  We’ll give them a go when you get back. Props on having the best 2k time of the week. 

Our in house trainer extrordinare Matt Smith hit a clean PR to Taylor Swift.  It doesn’t get much more hardcore than that.

Matt D is getting back.  Another week or two and PRs will be on their way again.

Kenny is getting in the groove.  His strength training background will serve him well.  Mostly hitting form right now man, but soon I expect you are going to be breaking some gym records here.

Let’s get ready for some more madness this week.

This week’s quote is as true for training as it is for life:

“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either IN or you’re OUT. There’s no such thing as life in-between.” -Pat Riley

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