The Week in Review…

We started the week off paying homage to the king.  He is worthy, be assured.  Mike P seriously buried 80kg for 5’s, very impressive and we will take a rather big jump up on these next time.  PRs set as usual.  Big weights are started to get moved here on the regular. Fun stuff.

I then proceeded to program, probably one of the hardest weeks we’ve had here.  Everyone was up to the challenge and went hard every day.  Mark D is almost fully in the Rxed world now. Quite a journey from where he started.  Don’t go blowing it all by spending all day eating mouse shaped waffles this week. 

We had our biggest class to date this Thursday. It was a sea of barbells and I, stupidly, did not get one picture. Doh!  I have been looking for an excuse to buy some equipment, and a few more classes like that you can bet they’ll be some fun stuff coming in soon.

Another friendly reminder for FGBIV this upcoming Saturday, eh hem, SIGN UP!!! 

We welcomed Cassie this week.  She has been training with Matt for some time and it shows.  She bascially blew through the beginner classes and is ready to rock in the open classes now.

New gym records this week:

500m post w/o row- 129.0 Mark D

16ft Rope Ascent- Kyle 5.8s

One last note,  I encourage you all to start posting your results from the day in the comments section underneath the WOD.  It can serve as an online log for you and will kind of keep everyone else up to date too.

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