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The Week in Review…

A good week here.

Some of the highlights:

Gutsy performances by all on the CrossFit Total. Mike P pulled 300lbs, easy breezy style. Mark yanked up a PR 167.5kg as well, with more in the tank for sure. Matt D is in triple kgs on the Back Squat firmly, very good stuff, as the back squat goes so goes your strength. Kenny rounded of the week, hitting CFT on Sunday with an 880lb total, with lots of room on the squat and press still. Look for a mid 900lb total from him soon. 3 more weeks until the competition here. Keep working hard.

Helen made another appearence this week and PRs were had by all, as usual. This was Norm’s first WOD, a healthy dose of CrossFit for sure. Big Poppa Duff came back from the verge of quitting to finish this one. A battle won.

Kyle gets the most dedicated award this week for traveling 6 hours in the worst weather known to man driving from Boston directly to the gym just in time for the 6pm class on Thursday. Brush yo’ shoulders off partna.

The CrossFit Renaissance crew keeps getting bigger. Good Stuff.

To everyone that is getting started in the open classes this week, welcome again and let’s get ready for some work, and results! The first few weeks are the hardest for sure, but this is also the time you will see the most dramatic improvements.

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