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The Week in Review

Another week in the books.

First off, we’d like to welcome all of our new members this week. Welcome to your new obsession.

We started off with Deadlift 5×5. I know a few of you had to be thinking, that’s it? Yep, pure and simple, strength training. Just exceptional performances all around. 5, count em, 5 people took their old 1 rep max for a ride for 5 reps. This is no small feat, considering those 1 rep maxes were all set only about 5-6 weeks ago.

Wednesday’s workout had everyone pushing to keep up with each other. Good deal. Big ups to Cassie for rocking it Rxed. CrossFit games 2012 without a doubt girl.

Lynne has to be one of my favorite WODs. I guess it reminds me of my bodybuilding days. Pat is quietly becoming a beast, with a score of 171 on this one. Gotta step my game up…ha. Ryan was on the pullup bar for the first time (see our facebook page for a picture of it), no going back now man.

Arnie had its’ intended effect. Just a brutal WOD. Joyce refused to be broken by it and went 50 minutes deep to finish it, and has some battle scars to show for it. We may need to put her in the “all in athletes” crew. Watch out Manimal.

We ended the week with an always unassuming (on the board) Workout, 100m Farmer’s walk. To those of you just starting out, there’s no way to learn the lesson of underestimating WODs other than just learning the error of your ways.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who came out to send Tim off on Saturday night. Good food and drink and especially good company. Be safe brother and have fun. See you when you get back.

Allright then let’s get this week started!

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