Toes to Bar, Handstand Hold/Walk, Turkish Get Ups, Thrusters, Renegade Rows, step ups

Gymnastic Skill Work:

1a) Toes to Bar: 4 x :60 practice or accumulate volume. rest :60

1b) Handstand Hold 4 x :60 practice or accumulate distance with Handstand Walks, rest :60.


24:00 EMOM of:

Minute 1: 2 turkish get ups each side

Minute 2: 12 DB Thrusters

Minute 3: 20 Renegade Rows

Minute 4: 12 Weighted step ups

Minute 5: 12 DB Hang Clean + Press (6 ea.)

Minute 6: :60 Single Unders/jog/bike as Active Recovery

Accessory Work:

Glutes + Upper Back:


100 Frog Pumps

100 Banded Pull Aparts

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