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Power Clean- Take 10 minutes find 1RM


EMOM for 20 minutes:

2 Power Cleans at 85-90% 1 RM
10 Push-ups

4 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. Definitely the easiest workout I have been to, including some of the foundational classes. I understand the movements are scaled for me because I’m new, but I really do not feel that I was pushed hard at all today. A real disappointment. I am going to keep at it though because besides tonight, my experiences have all been amazing.

  2. Korrine,

    With some of the movements, especially the olympic weightlifting movements, it is imperative that you take your time to master them before ramping up the intensity. The process has to go 1. Mechanics, 2. Consitency, 3. Intensity. To do any of this out of order will not set you up for long term success and will likely be detrimental even in the short term.

    You have been doing great, and I encourage you to take the long view on your fitness. Not all days will be a complete beatdown, and that’s a good thing. Hope you stick with it.

    1. I will keep that in mind. Thank you. I do plan to continue with this. It is more fun than any other workout I have ever done! Thanks!

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