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Ten rounds for time of:

95 pound Thruster, 10 reps

10 Ring push-ups

4 thoughts on “Wednesday”

  1. This workout game me the worst DOMS I have ever had. Beware!

    It was after a break from doing most crossfit workouts though. So you might all be fine…

  2. I thought I got localized rhabdo, but i’m not sure if its possible. I had trouble putting on a shirt for 5 days. and soreness didn’t go away until at least 7 days. Lastly, all my pressing lifts went down considerably for over a month.

    So how’d it go?!

  3. Chris Lanciano

    Dude…It was rough lol. It didn’t help that I did pushup work the day before at home with a 40lb vest on. I definitely like this WOD. Next time I want to do all the thrusters un broken. I will let you know how I feel tomorrow morning and the next day lol

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