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Wednesday’s WOD: Gymnastics 🤸🏾‍♀️, Rowing, Loaded Carries, Wallballs, Hang Power Snatch


Gymnastics Skill Work:
– Spend 10 minutes on ONE gymnastics skill. This should be purely skill-based and NOT a hard training session.
– Goal: Perform one skill that allows you to focus on improving position/technique.


For total rounds:
Row 1k
Then 7:00 Max Rounds of:
100 Ft. Crossbody Carry

Rest 2:00

Row 1k
Then 7:00 of Max Rounds of:
15 Wall balls – athlete choose a weight they can go UB with
15 Hang Power Snatch – athlete choose a weight they can go UB with

– Goal: Find a pace that you can sustain for the entire 7:00 ramping up your intensity for the last 2:00. Loading should be light for hang power snatches.


– Worlds Greatest Stretch x 30s per pose
– Parasympathetic Breathing x 15-20 breaths (3s inhale + 1s at top + 3s exhale + 1s at bottom)

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