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WOD: Box Squat & “Karen”


Box Squat – Wide Stance/Parallel Box (13-15″): Build to a heavy set of 5 in 7 sets. Rest 2:00
– Sit Back on the box slightly – no touch n go
– Lumbar tight – vertical shin if possible
– Control Eccentric/Explode through concentric range of motion
– You’ll see this next week for a 3RM
– Shoot for 80% of Box Squat 1RM if known


For time:
150 Wall balls (20, 14) (10′, 9′)

Rx+:(UB for as long as possible)
11:00 Cap
*Run two heats and have athletes judge each other like an Open WOD.


Prone Banded Hamstring Curls x 100 total reps. Rest as needed.
Oscillatory foam roll lateral Hips x 60s each side.

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