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WOD: Friday, 12/10/2021: Bench Press, Toes to Bar, Inverted Rows


This is week two of our Bench Press Dynamic effort work.  Remember, this is speed work, so the bar HAS to move fast.     Keep your feet firmly planted, ideally with the knee below the level of the hip. Shoulder blades pulled together, proud posture and bend the bar in half.


6 x 5 @5% heavier than last week, every 60s.
– 2-3 Warm-up sets
– fast/explosive reps


This EMOM has some similar themes to last week’s work but increases volume and adds some non-complimentary movements to build endurance in the same muscle groups. Pick a challenging weight on the Landmine that you can complete unbroken, and start on the weak side. You should be able to keep moving on this, so make sure to scale the Toes to Bar so you don’t spend the whole WOD looking at the bar, chalking up, and doing one rep at a time. Doing Toes to Bar with limited ROM, (not bringing the feet all the way up), would be a perfect middle ground, provided you are actually staying tight and using your lats.

16:00 EMOM:

Minute 1: 12 Toes to Bar or 5 Bar Muscle Ups + 10 Toes to Bar
Minute 2: 6 each Single Arm Landmine Push Press
Minute 3: 20 Supinated Grip Inverted Rows
Minute 4: Rest
– Goal: Challenging effort. Unbroken on all movements. Score = Average # of Unbroken reps of T2B.



Max reps in 2:00
– Goal: 50 reps with a light to moderate load.

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