WOD: Friday, 12/17/2021 Bench press


Final week of our Bench Press Dynamic effort work. Remember this is speed work, so the bar HAS to move fast, even if that means not hitting the % increase. Keep your feet firmly planted, ideally with the knee below the level of the hip. Shoulder blades pulled together, proud posture and bend the bar in half.

Bench Press

6 x 4 @5% heavier than last week, every 60s.
– 2-3 Warm-up sets
– SPEED BENCH – fast/explosive reps



Benchmark WOD, “Not Today Satan”, which will tax the upper back and the lungs to a high degree. Last tested 7/26. Try to recover on the run and push the pace on the DB movements. Keep your core stable on the Renegade Rows, and use your hips on the Devil’s Press.

Renegade Rows total (50/35)
Devil’s Press
*300 Meter Run after the Devil’s Press each round
– Goal: Challenging pace, recover on the Run.
– Last tested 7/26

– Alternate options for Run:
400 Meter Row, 800 Meter Assault Bike


Banded Pushdowns 

Max reps in 2:00
– add 15 reps to last weeks total.


PS.   Our Holiday Happy Hour takes place Saturday 4-6 PM!!!  Be there!!!

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