WOD: Front Box Squat, Rowing, Squat Clean Thrusters


1) Front Box Squat – Regular Stance/Parallel Box (13-15″): Build to a heavy set of 3 in 8 sets. Rest 2:00
– Sit Back on the box slightly – no touch n go
– Lumbar tight
– Control Eccentric/Explode through concentric range of motion
– Shoot for 80-85% of Front Squat 1RM if known
2) Squat Clean Thruster: Build to Metcon weight in 3 sets.


In an 8:00 Window:
1k Row
Remaining time AMRAP:
Squat Clean Thrusters (135, 95)
*Score = total reps


Glute Circuit – X-Band Walks x 5 right + 5 Left
Single Leg Glute Hip Thrusts – Front Foot Elevated x 5 each.
Parasympathetic Breathing x 15-20 breaths – 3 seconds inhale + hold 1 second + 3 second exhale

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