WOD: Monday, 12/27/2021: Power Clean & Front Squats


Besides the normal points of performance in the Power Clean today, let’s focus on two things –                                                                         1. Anything above parallel is “power” so start getting a little lower than you normally would as you approach 70%. This way you don’t get caught “starfishing” with your feet way out when it starts to get heavier, and you’re able to load up with more weight for the Front Squats       2. Do not death grip the bar. If your grip is slightly relaxed, you’ll actually be able to rotate your elbows through easier                                   and catch a better front rack position.

Power Clean + Front Squat
– Build to a heavy 1 + 2 over 5 sets. Rest 2:00 between heavy sets.


Benchmark workout “Shirts and Skins”. The Barbell weight should be moderate, something you can complete sets of 3 with at a minimum. Focus on flashing your elbows all the way through in the Power Clean, actually receiving the weight of the bar on the shoulders, and continue pulling all the way until the bar contacts the shoulder. Remember, elbows up AND out, and heels down in the Front Squats will make this workout suck slightly less, which is a good thing!

30 Power Cleans (155/105)
10 Front Squats
30 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Front Squats

– Goal: Hard effort using a moderate weight for Cleans that people can complete at least sets of 3 with.
– Last tested: 5/17.         TIME CAP = 8:00



3 x 30s each. Rest 60s.
– try unweighted first, you’ll be surprised.

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