WOD: Shoulder Press, DB Rows, Wall Balls, Hand Release Push Ups


1) Shoulder Press: 5 x 3 @55% of Two Friday’s Ago. Rest 60s.
2) Chest Supported DB Rows: 4 x 12. Rest 60s.
– same weight as last week but pause for a 1 count on each rep


4 Rounds of 40s on/20s off:
1a) Wall Balls (20, 14)
1b) Hand Release Push-ups
1c) Barbell SDHP (75, 55)
1d) KB Windmills (53, 35) (alternate sides each round)


Banded Hammer Curls: 4 x 25. Rest 60s.
– top range reps ONLY – don’t go all the way down

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