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WOD: Thursday, 12/16/2021: Squat Snatch, Back Squat, Resistance Training.


Now that we dialed in our start position last week, let’s focus on the first and second pull of the Snatch. During the first pull, the knees pull back just enough to get out of the path of the bar, while the shoulders and hips raise at the same rate – the angle of the back shouldn’t change, and speed should be normal here. When the bar passes the knees in the second pull, then the chest starts to raise, we bring the hips and the bar together, and accelerate to full speed.

After our Snatch work we’ll move onto Cluster sets, build to a heavy set of 2.2.2 over 5 sets.


15 Minutes working on technique performing sets of 2. Rest 90s between sets. Goal is to go 5% heavier than last week.


Build to a heavy 2.2.2 ( each “.” represents a 15s rest where you re-rack the bar) cluster set in 5 sets. Rest 3:00 between heavy sets.



Similar to last week, but adding another round and Heavy Swings before the bike. If you’re newer to resistance training, and unable to generate enough power on the Bike, then a better option will the L1 option. You’ll know you weren’t able to generate enough power if you don’t feel that you need the entire 90s break and then some.


20 Heavy Russian KBS
10s Air Bike Sprint
Rest 90s.
– Goal: HARD effort, sell your soul to the Bike. Final week of this Anaerobic work.


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