WOD: Thursday, 12/9/2021: Squat Snatch, Back Squat & Selling Your Soul

Strength/Technique Work

Some technique work today with the Snatch. Make sure your start position is dialed in, weight in the mid-foot, knuckles down and arms slightly internally rotated. The shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar, and pulled away from the ears to tension the lats. Knees pushed out slightly and hips in between the level of the knee and the shoulder.

Then build to a heavy set of 5 in the Back Squat.

  1. Squat Snatch: 15 Minutes working on technique performing sets of 2. Rest 90s between sets.
  2. Back Squat: Build to a moderately heavy set of 5 over 3 sets.  2:00 Rest


Similar to last week, but adding 5 Up downs before the bike. If you’re newer to resistance training, and unable to generate enough power on the Bike, then a better option will the L1 option. Please see your coach if not sure.   You’ll know you weren’t able to generate enough power if you don’t feel that you need the entire 90s break and then some.

4 rounds, each for time:

5 Up-downs
15s Bike Sprint – max effort.
Rest 90s.-3:00
– Goal: HARD effort, sell your soul to the Bike.

L1: AMRAP 8:
5 Up downs
5 each DB Box Step-ups

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