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WOD: Thursday, January 6, 2022: Banded Deadlift, Wide Stance Box Squats, & Lots of Lunges


First week of speed work for Band Resisted Deadlifts. Remember bar speed is king, so don’t go over the prescribed %, and if 50% isn’t moving fast then don’t be too proud to scale the weight back. These are not touch n go reps, stop and reset tension for each rep.


8 x 3 @50%
– These are SPEED reps
– Not touch n go, reset tension on each rep.
– use 1RM from 12/6


5 x 3. Rest 2:00
– build to a heavy 3



This is a benchmark that we’ve done before, but hadn’t officially named. Do your best to keep your torso upright, and drive through the heel of the front foot. Also make sure to take a big lunge step, as smaller steps will make it more challenging mechanically. Most should be trying to cover close to 60 Ft for each set of 20.

For time:
100 total KB Front Rack Lunges (53/35)

– Goal: 5 sets of 20 at a challenging pace.
– Last performed 7/30 with a 10:00 Cap


– Adductor Rockback Stretch x 60s each
– Pigeon Pose x 60s each.
*Entire time 6s nasal inhale + 6s nasal exhale

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