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WOD: Wednesday, 1/5/2022: Conditioning


Today is about moving with intention, nasal breathing, getting a good sweat and recovering. Not only will workouts like these improve your recovery from session to session throughout the week, but they will also improve your ability to recover and push harder DURING challenging conditioning workouts. Remember the KB Windmill is not just moving sideways, but also backwards. Even if you’re not able to move through full ROM, you’ll still get benefit from this movement.

 EVERY 6:00 X 5

12 Hollow Rocks
10 Up-downs
8 each KB Windmills
then remaining time:
Easy pace Bike or Row
– Goal: Nasal breathing, easy, sustainable pace.

Score = How many grams of protein you ate for breakfast



3 x 8-10 each. Rest 60s.

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