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WOD: Wednesday, 12/8/2021 Conditioning Day


Do your best to maintain nasal breathing throughout the entire 30 minutes. The Devil’s Press is intended to be light. You don’t have to go heavy every day to see gains, some workouts are intended to prime the body for the following day, by facilitating blood flow and lymph drainage. it’s ok to leave the gym feeling “ready for more” sometimes, and today is exactly one of those days.                                               (Just like most Wednesdays are).

30 Min EMOM:

Minute 1: 45s Row
Minute 2: 45s Walking Lunges
Minute 3: 45s Devil’s Press (35/25)
Minute 4: 45s Butterfly Sit-ups
Minute 5: 45s Alt. Box Step-ups

– Goal: Sustainable pace, nasal breathing. You should be able to work for all intervals consistently for 45s with plenty in the tank. Score = total calories on Row.



3 x 15-20 each. No rest.

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