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Yoga for CrossFit Workshop- Saturday 12/1/12 11a-1p

“Yoga for CrossFit Workshop”

Better mobility will lead to more efficient crossfit movements. Yoga brings body awareness, balance, flexibility and accuracy in your movements. Yoga also teaches you how to control your breathing and link your breath to movement.

Mallory DeCarlo will be holding a 2 hour yoga workshop. She will go over issues such as tight shoulders and hips during overhead squats. There are specific stretches you can do to help draw your shoulders back so you can begin your squat with a good foundation. Also learn how to open your hips for better hip extension and squatting. Learn how to do twists for more efficient cleans. Get into handstands easier and learn to stretch and target your hamstrings. Have an injury and afraid to lose muscle? Recover faster by doing simple yoga stretches. As your body gets stronger your muscles get tighter limiting your range of motion. Yoga stretches muscles while building them and is a great addition to crossfit.

“Crossfit Champ Graham Holmberg agrees Holmberg uses yoga to improve his flexibility, but he also uses it to work on his concentration and intensity during focused movement. Even so, he believes the flexibility benefits are unmistakeable, and flexibility is one of CrossFit’s 10 general physical skills—even if many ignore it completely.” Source:

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