A recipe for Success

I listen to quite a few podcasts and have been doing a lot of reading over the last couple years on personal and business development. Some of the most common themes of those who are successful are action, consistency and discipline.


Action is simply DOING. A plan doesn’t haven’t to be perfect before you implement it. A popular quote by George Patton is “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”, and it’s true. Step 1 to being successful: Get started!


Consistency is DOING on a regular basis. Keeping the ball rolling. As a person who bites off more than they can can chew, and has failed so many times it’s hard to keep count, I’ll tell you that this is where I fail the MOST. You’re way better off (I know I am) being consistent with slightly smaller efforts then going all in and burning out after only a few weeks.


Discipline is DOING even when, actually especially when, you don’t want to. It is NOT motivation. Motivation comes and goes. Discipline will keep you on the path regardless of fickle things like motivation.



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