Are you kids too sedentary?

Are you worried that your kids are too sedentary?  I am!

We live in the city, and we love it.  But it is undeniable that getting our kids to exercise and run around takes effort on our part.   Our elementary school doesn’t have a playground or outside space, so that means no recess.   We have a small back yard that is fine for stationary activities, but no way could anyone run around. Letting the kids stretch their legs means a trip to the park or local playground after school or on the weekends.

These darn electronics make it too easy to get work done around the house, or avoid sibling squabbles.  And the kids are more than happy to sit like little zombies in front of that bright screen.  Even during those blissfully quiet moments, the guilt starts to creep in.  “Get them outside!  Kids need to run around.”  It is good for their bodies; it is good for their development; it is good for their social skills.

There is no substitute.

Block it out ahead of time so you can plan around it.  Hit the park for 30 mins.  Encourage the climbing and running at the playground.  Challenge your kiddo to races on the local field.  Grab a bike, scooter, skateboard for the local play yard.  Kids love the adventure of a hike and we have so many local spots in the area to check out.

And guess what – the kids won’t be the only ones to benefit!  Get in the mix!  Running around will be good for you too!  Don’t be surprised when you feel a jolt of energy after the play time.

Have fun, together!


Here’s a tip:   If you have a small back yard, grab a jump rope!!!  This is an awesome form of exercise that doesn’t require much space.  Challenge your kids to see how many times they can jump in a row.  Beaded jump ropes are a great first step- a nice weight to swing and give a clicking sound on the ground that will cue them to jump.  Check out this short video on introducing kids to jumping rope:

Jump Rope video!

-Jessica Thomas, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Brand X Certified
Kid’s Coach at CrossFit Renaissance/Renaissance Youth
[email protected]
215 760 5795

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