Client Success Story – Idelisa

This week we celebrated Lisa’s one year anniversary with CrossFit Renaissance.   Her journey with us has been inspiring!  She dove right in, stayed patient but persistent, and trains consistently every week – giving her best effort in each class. 

Lisa is a pleasure to coach – eager to improve, and receptive to coaching.  She brings energy and a huge smile to class, and encourages her classmates to do their best alongside her.  

And her why is HUGE, and one that many parents can identify with.  She wants to be a role model for her children.  We are sure they are incredibly proud of their fierce mom and all of the progress she has made this year.   We know we are!

We asked Lisa to share some of her story at her one year mark:  

“I’m happy to say it has been a pleasure to be part of the CFR community after some major weight loss. I was interested in a more toned body and to gain some muscle.

Right now I am at a point where I am liking how my body is looking, and feel more confident and most  importantly I gained my health. Which is what I was expecting when I started training at CFR.

Before joining CFR I didn’t have the motivation. Working out felt more like a torture. Now I can say that, for the first time, I enjoy working out.  Everyday I am excited to get to the gym. 

I feel that training is my therapy – where I go and forget about everything.  It’s my “me time”. The time that I can say I’m selfish, because I can only think of becoming a better version of me.  All this time at CFR has been helping me  overcome my insecurities and fears.

Every day is a favorite moment at the gym. Because every day I am able to do more things that I never thought I would be able to do. Every day is a new opportunity to challenge myself. To take my body to the next level.

I would tell anyone joining CFR that the community is very friendly and helpful.

There’s someone willing to help out and cheer you  whenever you feel you can’t do another rep.

It has just been awesome to be at CFR.  God bless you all!!!”

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