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Don’t Feel Like Going to the Gym? You are not ALONE!

Dear Friend,
I have news for you!  You are NOT ALONE!  I used to be you!  Heck, there are days when I am you!   And I work in a gym!   Many of us, and by us, I mean people who go to the gym regularly, at least 3 days a week, don’t feel like it!  Sure, there are days when it’s easy to grab your gym bag and head on in for an hour of hard work, but it’s not the case all the time.  We are building new habits!!  Ever tried breaking old dirty habits, like biting your nails???  It takes time!  It takes reminders!  It takes strategies like brushing your nails with some nasty-tasting clear polish!  (Yes, I have some experience with that! LOL)
If you want pretty nails bad enough, you remember why you decided to break that habit and you remind yourself every day until it’s no longer a habit!
It’s the same case with getting yourself into the gym and putting in 100% effort every time!  If getting out of bed an hour earlier is the problem, then start working on going to bed an hour earlier!  If you have time between work and the start of class, and going home, getting comfortable, your head starts giving you a bunch of excuses to remain sedentary and just go “tomorrow”, then pack your gym bag, take it to work, run an errand and go straight to your workout!
Yes, it’s hard work, especially at the beginning of creating a new routine!  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!!!
Research has shown that it takes 4 – 6 weeks of a consistent routine for you to feel the effects and I am talking about how you feel…like an antidepressant effect!!!!  Don’t expect to do 2 weeks of workouts for it to all just fall into place!  Hang on for a few more weeks and let those feel-good hormones do their job: Improve your mood, increase energy levels, and of course, improve your physical health!  You will not only look better, but FEEL BETTER!!!
Don’t wait around for the “best” time to start an exercise routine!  That will never happen!  Do what you can now, with what you have!
I know this, not because I am a trainer here, but because I was once stuck in the “I don’t feel like it’s”; “I will start after I find a new job”.  I found a community of people who genuinely cared for my wellbeing and pushed me and held me accountable.  Sure, there are days when another coach has to pull me away from my desk for an hour or another member asks me to run with them, but those days are far fewer and in between than when I first started!   So believe me when I tell you, you can do this!

What excuses, I mean circumstances, are keeping you from improving your health?

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
General Manager
PS>  This is my email!  Write me back!  I’d love to hear from you and help you get to where I am today!

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