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Here’s the deal. When you have a major goal, DON’T QUIT! Even when you quit, don’t quit. Mike had these shoes on the other day when he came in for his 2nd onramp class. I haven’t seen Mike in about 3 years when he was last coming to the gym regularly. He bought these shoes back in 2015 when he was coming in every week and was in the zone. Mike came back in to get started again a few weeks ago and he’s living up to the words on his shoes. I’m proud of you man!

You know how it can be sometimes. You have health, fitness, hell, probably deeper than that, LIFE goals and well life gets in the way sometimes. The good habits you worked so diligently on creating start to slip away and maybe some old bad habits creep back in. It happens to ALL of us, without exclusion.

The answer is to not quit! Fight with everything you have to keep going. I opened this place to help people stay in the fight, and we have a whole team of awesome coaches ready to help you get back in the fight and stay in it for the long haul!

Go get after it today and if you’re ready to get the best support possible in doing that, click that link here and we’ll do everything we possibly can to get things moving in the right direction again for you.

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