Goal Setting Sessions

The Value of Goal-Setting Sessions

Have you ever woken up and thought “Am i just spinning my wheels”? You realize that you’ve been doing the same thing every day with no results. We all do it. We get busy, we get in a routine, and we forget the big picture. Those big lofty goals we had are pushed aside.

But, those goals we want to accomplish are always there, in the back of our minds, waiting for the right time. This is why consistent goal-setting sessions are so important on our journey to good health.

Think of these goal-setting sessions like feedback. You wouldn’t want to work for an entire year without getting feedback from your boss, and then not know if you got the promotion at the end of the year. Goal-setting sessions are feedback along the way to ensure you will hit your goal at the end.

During a goal-setting session, we will meet to discuss what success looks like to you. This is a time for you to share the highlights and challenges on the path to meeting your goals.  Then, we identify realistic action steps to help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals. These action steps are all geared towards building better habits.

Goal-setting sessions are your roadmap to success, whatever that looks like for you! At CrossFit Renaissance, we meet with our members for goal-setting sessions regularly to ensure they are getting closer to achieve their goals. When they meet their goals, we have another session to find out what their next goal is!

Goal-setting sessions shouldn’t be optional on our journey to be our fittest and healthiest self; they are a necessary re-evaluation of our actions to keep us on the right track.

What are your health and fitness goals? Let me know!


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