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Member Spotlight – Meet Mac!

At CrossFit Renaissance, there is no one “type” of person who joins our program. But one thing we all do have in common – we are motivated to put in the work to see the positive changes we want for ourselves.
We are young, “old”, experienced and newcomers. We are former athletes, professionals, and parents. We played sports in high school and college, and we have never played a sport in our lives. And our goals range from weight loss to feeling good. From living a healthy lifestyle to seeing what our bodies at (insert any age) are capable of.
That diversity of members within each class proves just how flexible the method of training is – and just how knowledgeable our coaches are. They can make the workout of the day right for each person in the room.
Do you have goals? Are you ready and willing to put in the work? Then join our program to achieve the results you are striving for.
Check out today’s Member spotlight on Mac who joined CrossFit Renaissance in March 2021.
Mac is a former collegiate athlete, now a young professional who was looking for intense and challenging workouts that allowed him to feel both strong and athletic. He wanted to be able to learn new skills while refining old ones and competing with himself and others for substantial growth.
Mac’s passion for working out and his incredible energy are felt every time he is on the gym floor by everyone in the room.
We took some time to find out what brought Mac to the gym, and how it is going so far.
CFR: Where are you now?
M: Over the course of the year I’ve been at CFR my goals have changed. I was focused on weight loss for a while. I was focused on training for a Spartan Race, and I’m ALWAYS working on double unders (jump rope skill). But that’s part of the reason why I enjoy CFR. There’s always a new hill to climb.
CFR: What were the expected/unexpected outcomes from your training with us?
M: I expected to challenge myself and that has certainly happened, but I had no idea that my time at CFR would completely reshape my idea of a “workout”.
CFR: What was holding you back from achieving your goal before joining the gym?
M: CFR has been instrumental in keeping my workouts totally different. Switching things up keeps me engaged.
CFR: What has been your favorite moment at the gym?
M: I can’t choose one, but my two favorite moments have been running the Spartan Race with all the friends I’ve made at the gym and climbing a rope for the first time. Both times I was surprised by my own strength and endurance.
CFR: What excites you about the future?
M: Learning, growing, adding new skills, tapping into new levels of my beast mode energy, lol.
CFR: What would you tell someone who is considering joining our gym?
M: Do it! Jump in! Don’t hesitate! And you definitely don’t have to be worried. Our coaches are top-notch and they’ll help get you up to speed in no time. Plus each member of the gym goes out of their way to motivate each other.
CFR: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting with us
M: Just stay the course, and try your best to make relationships with other members of the gym. The more invested you are, the better your results will be.

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