One of My Worst Workouts!

So yesterday (January 2019)  I had one of the ‘worst’ workouts in recent memory, and it was great! Why was it was the worst? My performance was simply off, little head cold, mind not quite ready to suffer through it, and a few weeks off, around the holidays, from hard training had to be paid for. I stopped the workout at the required 9 minute time cap.


Why was it great? Because I still did it. I was really close to not training yesterday. I had a few good reasons <excuses>  to. I had already ran 2 miles in the early morning, and I knew I was going to go to jiu jitsu later in the day, Billy had the sniffles too… These excuses started to give me some comfort in my impending decision to scrap the workout. Instead, I went on the gym floor and grinded through the motions, and won a little mental battle I was in. Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that will, in and of itself, count for much in the long term. But, this is how we build positive habits. One step at a time.

Choosing the slightly harder road most of the time, instead of giving into the easy way.

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