Rena Burns’ Member Story

Rena Burns

Why did I join CrossFit Renaissance? 

I joined CrossFit in April 2014. A couple of my friends joined and as they talked about CrossFit, it got my attention. I was already working out at my local Planet Fitness and I always ran. Working out by yourself gets mundane and a lack of inspiration found it too difficult to stay motivated. I thought CrossFit might be a good idea and I needed a lifestyle change. CrossFit was that push I needed.


What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

Due to CrossFit, I was able to accomplish quite a few things.  My most recent was making the board finishing “Karen” (14lb – 150 wall balls) in five minutes and 46 seconds. In all the years I’ve been at CrossFit, I have never made the board, so that was pretty exciting. I climbed a rope after the first try which was cool. I could never do a pullup until I joined CrossFit.


What are you working on now?

I am still working on my total body. There is not just one thing I want to work on. I just don’t want to be an old fat lazy out of shape mom.


What is your favorite CrossFit memory?

The people! I’ve become really close with many of them.


What motivates you to continue training at CrossFit?

I feel better when I work out. It eases the stress from work. When I work out, I feel I am more calm and less anxious during the day. Working out is an immediate mood booster for me.  It’s energizing. I feel stronger, more independent and more confident.

Overall, I’m a happier person.



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