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What does relative intensity mean???

Intensity is relative to the individual.

Well, what does that mean?

It means finding the right movement/weight/distance/reps so that you get the intended stimulus for the class.

That often means that everyone in the class is doing a version of the workout if the day.

What is challenging for one person is a warm-up for another person. And we love how that sets up an inclusive environment in the room.

To find relative intensity, you have to drop the ego, focus on your own ability level, and go from there.

Pro tip: Listen to your coaches and their guidance!

We celebrate EVERYONE’s wins here at CFR- and the accomplishments are as diverse as our community.

@reneegianno set a goal of lifting 100# early on.

Check out her latest results!

Here she is hitting her 115# PR on the deadlift! It was such a fun moment experience for everyone in the class.
Ringing the bell after her new PR!

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