You are a leader. Yes, YOU!

You are a leader. You might not realize it. You may not want to be one. But you are.

Someone, in some part of your life, is looking to you for an example. It might be someone obvious like your kids, your significant other, your students, or your clients.

Sometimes it’s not so obvious. It might be someone you don’t even know. Someone new in the gym is probably taking cues from you in class! You might only have a few months of CrossFit experience, but it’s a few months more than the gym newbie.

They see how you carry yourself, how you move with intention, how you give your all in the workout. They see when you give high fives and encouragement after sweating like a crazy person in that tough interval workout. They shake your hand when you introduce yourself and feel more at ease. They see you do an extra rep when your wall ball missed the target.

They also see you when you’re frustrated and you chuck your jump rope at the floor after a frustrating double-under workout. They see you when you get down on yourself when you didn’t PR your snatch today, shaking your head and looking upset.

We all get frustrated — we’re human, after all. We also have amazing days where everything feels easy in the gym. How you handle the ups and downs of training helps others figure out how to handle theirs.

Whether you’ve been at the gym a day or five years, someone is looking up to you. Are you setting the example you want to set? If someone came in today for the very first time at the gym and observed how you acted, your attitude, and your effort — would it make you proud?

This extends outside the gym as well. Not a member at CrossFit Renaissance? You’re still a leader! People in your life are looking to you for an example of how to carry yourself; an example of how they should prioritize the pieces of their life. They’re looking to you for an example of how to be a good human. Your kids, your friends, your co-workers, your teammates, your family, those random people from high school who friended you on Facebook — these are all people who you have the power to influence in a positive way.

What do your kids see when you get home from work? Hastily finishing up chores, some quick microwaved meals, then a couple hours of TV before bed?

What would happen if you introduced a family walk or bike ride? A family game? Sharing something you’re thankful for?

Good things would happen. For you, and for them.

If you prioritize your health, your relationships, and cultivating gratitude — those around you will reflect these values more and more over time.

It doesn’t have to be grandiose, all-or-nothing, or high pressure. Something is better than nothing. As always, we’re looking for progress over perfection.

You might not want it. You might not have asked for it, but you’re a leader. You have the power to inspire others with the choices you make, the effort you put forth, and the attitude you carry throughout the day.

What can you do today to inspire someone? Sometimes all it takes is one step forward.

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