Push Press, Wall Climb, Toes to Bar, Wall balls, Kettlebell Snatch


Speed Push Press 5:00 EMOM x 3

Metcon Prep:

2 rounds of :

1 Wall Climb

5 Toes to Bar

10 Wallballs

10 Kettelbell Snatch 5 ea.


For Time:


Kettlebell Snatch (50,35)

Wallballs (20,14)


800 meter run



Toes to Bar

3 Wall Climbs after each set of T2B

20:00 Time Cap

Accessory Work:

Biceps/Delts Supersets

1a) Seated Incline DB Curls 3 x  8-10, No Rest

1b) Prone Cobra Raise (external rotation) 3 x 10-15, no rest.

1c) Prone lateral raise with Pronated Grip  3 x 10-15, Rest :60

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