The Week in Review

The hits keep coming. Welcome to the party to our new members this week and to you guys just getting into the open classes, as you no doubt found out, it’s a brave new world.

We started off the week hard and heavy. Big ups to Ray for putting triple digits kgs overhead on the clean and jerk. Glad to see Cyndi back this week too. Damn near perfect form on the jerks.

Ah, the 300 workout. A Grinder of a workout. Everyone trained like the warriors the workout is named after. If you haven’t seen the video, check out our YouTube channel. Epic ending with Matt and Chris vying for best time. Solid stuff.

All I have to say about Thursday’s WOD is, isn’t it amazing how heavy 1 pood can be…ha.

Then there’s the Zercher Walks. Brutal, brutal movement. Look for them to be a recurring character on the CFR show. Lots of videos from Saturday on YouTube.

That wraps it up for last week.

Now, let’s get after it. The week opens up with the King tomorrow.

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