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The Week in Review

Another great week of training here at CrossFit Renaissance.

First off, Congratulations to Jill and Chris on their engagement. Awesome guys.

Hope you dug the strength work this week. Nothing like moving some heavy weights.

The week started off with the king, back squats. Back squats are the meat and potatoes of any good strength and conditioning program. So many benefits to doing this movement heavy. Everyone rocked it, in one of our biggest classes nowadays; the 6pm Tuesday class.

Then we hit a favorite of mine on Wednesday. This metcon is a posterior chain destroyer. Cassie and Matt came to the 12pm and set the bar HIGH. Cassie gutted out the SDHP with 40kg! Matt set a time that wouldn’t be beat, nothing new here, except for the fact that Reese came within 16 seconds of getting him. Everyone catch that? Reese within 16 seconds of Matt on a metcon. Watch out people. Also have to say that Mike Sabatino’s performance on this workout was pure determination. He was completely blasted by it, but still continued and even had to get after his runs after taking a few minutes to recover. This is the type of never quit, never say die mentality that will get you results.

So the lower body was thouroughly jacked up at this point in the week. Time to switch focus. On to the upper body. Thursday’s class brought back another very good, but not very often utilized, pressing movement, the DB Bench press. 100’s were being thrown around by Pat and Ray. Not to be outdone, Madison was rocking the 35s quietly in the front of the gym. No doubt she will have the 50’s up in no time. The Metcon was pure muscular endurance with a hellish penalty.

Friday brought our biggest 7am class to date. It’s an early day for me, for sure, but I will get out of bed for that level of energy any day. Way to hit it hard 7am class. I would love to hear what the morning commuters on Castor Ave. were saying to themselves watching you all just killing it on the runs…ha.

We ended the week with a surprise WOD. 800m Rack Walk. Scott came into his second open workout and wrecked shop with a 13 minute time on this one. Barbra made the 12kg look way too easy 16kg next time missy. Josh took this one on on Sunday and finished out of pure will and determination. A brutal workout to be sure.

Time to tackle a new week folks. I heard that there’s a pretty tough couple WODs this week. One rhymes with Smurf. Just something I heard.

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