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The week in review…

Allright party people here it is then….

The week started off with a beefy DB complex. These are always tough and can be more mental than physical. The energy in the 6pm class was something else. It was pretty much impossible to quit with that level of support from each other. Awesome. This type of atmosphere is the reason I opened this place.

Then on to some heavy Deadlifts. PRs abound as usual. Almost every strength day recently has been like this. Big jumps and PRs. Pretty exceptional really.

Then there’s Murph. Not much to say about this WOD that hasn’t already been said. Great job to everyone who showed up and plodded through this one.

Friday’s WOD was a real kick in the ass if you showed up the day before. Sometimes you have to go in when you’re not fresh and just make your way through it. It’s easy to lose site of the real application of our training here. Yes, it is important to have goals in the gym, move more weight, faster times etc. But when you have to use this stuff in real life you don’t get to say “oh you know what my legs are sore, I can’t run for my life today”. Nope. So yes 55 pullups the day after Murph SUCKS, but there is a method to the madness.

Did you have fun with the 40s on Saturday? Now you can really appreciate how lightning fast some of the NFL players really are…ha. There is definitely some technique to this, that we will go over for the next trials.

110 degree heat index tomorrow, and we already have a full class at 6pm scheduled. Rock on.

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