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The week in review

We started the week off with a bit of a sneaky workout: The Chief. If you come out of the gate too hard on this one it tough to recover and get back on track, as some of found out. I like to play around with these type of workouts and sometimes go all in and see what happens and other times aim for consistent rounds. Big ups to some of our ladies for making their way into the real pushups world ad making it look easy.

Helen. Always a lung burner. I have to highlight one of our newer members Chris on this one. This guy is going to be a beast. Helen was his first open WOD and since he wrecked shop in the beginners course I had him tackle Helen Rxed straight away. The WOD definitely caught up with him, but in a few months he will be nipping at some of your heels. Step your game up folks.

Then came Wednesday’s workout. This one probably needs a name. Something like the bears ugly cousin would be appropriate. I have to highlight the ladies again on this one, some damn gutsy performances to be sure. Also, has anyone else noticed that Ray is quietly becoming a force. Dude has been with us for only a short time and is down some major weight and getting wickedly stronger in the process. Almost like this stuff works.

So how hard can jumping around the block be? We found out on friday. I know their were a lot of “WTFs?” from the commuters on Castor Ave watching you all make your way through this one.

Saturday’s WOD was brutal. Nothing new there, but I’m sure a few of you learned the same lesson over again about underestimating a workout on the board. Lot’s of heart to finish this one from everyone. I know it was a few of your first times pushing that long on a WOD. These long ones are generally more mental than physical. Just about not quitting sometimes.

Hope you all are ready to rock this week. Don’t forget we are going to get down on Saturday at 10am. Feel free to cook something or bring something to drink.

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