The week in review

It was a good week here. Everyone has been training very hard and it shows. Matt and Bill you guys are kicking some major ass right now. Keep at it.

A couple gutsy performances to note were Matt’s post w/o 500 m row that was after a hellish w/o on Wednesday. He was only 2 seconds off his PR! Bill killed the 100 situps of the aforementioned w/o, and beasted out a scaled version of the 300 w/o.

A few PRs this week too. 2 of them coming from the Deadlift. We had Chris come in and hit a 225kg Deadlift for a double and Matt with a 100kg for a double.

We also welcomed Mark Duffy to the fold. He managed a 1:34 500m post w/o row. An incredible time for just his second attempt at this, and only 1 second off of the gym record.

A few pictures from this week.

Deadlift PR



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