Wednesday’s WOD: Barbell Complex & running


Barbell Complex of: 2 Hang Power Cleans + 2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerks
– Use one weight for 5 sets. Rest 90s.


4 Rounds of:
400 Meter Run
Complex of:
6 Hang Muscle Cleans (135, 95)
6 Push Press
6 Thrusters
– Goal: Moderate effort – 80% (a pace that would be hard to sustain if you did not have 2:00 rest after each round.)
*All done without dropping the bar. Rest 2:00


Banded Glute Bridges: 4 x 10. Rest 60s.

Cool Down:

Parasympathetic Breathing x 10-15 breaths of 3 seconds inhale + 1-second hold at top + 3 seconds exhale + 1-second hold at the bottom.

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