WoD: Thursday, January 20, 2022: Speed Deadlifts


Final week of our Deadlift speed work. Remember, barbell speed off the ground should be FAST, these are not touch n go reps, reset briefly on each rep. If your warm-up sprint was not where it should have been, back off the weight a little bit in both of today’s pieces.



8 x 3 @60% every 60s.
– 2-3 Warm-up sets
– use 1RM from 12/6



New Benchmark WOD, this builds on November’s “Sorry in Advance”. We’re swapping the Front Rack Lunge for a Back Rack position, which will allow you use a little more weight, and swapping out the Bike Sprint, for a Row. Enjoy 🙂


2 Rounds:
30 total Barbell Reverse Lunges (155/105)
20/15 Cal Row or 14/10 Cal Bike
Rest 3:00
– Goal: Very hard effort, unbroken Lunges on the first set. We apologize in advance to your legs “¯\_(ツ)_/¯“

Accessory Work


2 x 20. Rest 60s.

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